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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jet Master cartridges generic?
NO, our cartridges are Jet Master branded, they are high-quality compatible and refilled ink jet cartridges, equal to that of OEM’s.

Why choose Jet Master?
Jet Master cartridges deliver the highest print quality, producing photo-realistic pictures and images. They are designed to exceed OEM performance and page yield standards. They are RELIABLE, CONSISTENT and DEPENDABLE. Best of all, Jet Master cartridges provide a cost saving solution and an alternative to buying OEM brands, saving you the customer money.

Will my warranty be void if I use a Jet Master cartridge?
Absolutely not. It is against the law to void a warranty for use of a compatible product.

Do you supply Jet Master cartridges with print heads?
NO, it is against Patent Laws to supply compatible cartridges for HP, Lexmark cartridges.

What is Jet Masters success ratio?
99.95% for our new Canon and Epson lines, and 98.5% for our refilled line. Our success rates are unsurpassed in our industry because of our continuing quality testing procedures.

What is the warranty of Jet Master ink jet cartridges?
They are 100% guaranteed against defects and workmanship. Jet Master stands behind the quality of all of our products. We guarantee that all of our products will perform to your expectations or your money back.

Are Jet Master compatible ink jet cartridges safe for my printer?
YES, they are 100% safe.

Do Jet Master compatible ink jet cartridges carry quality ink?
YES they must meet and surpass O.E.M. standards for quality.

Do all ink jet cartridges use the same ink ?
NO each cartridge is blended for that specific printer.

What does OEM mean?
OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. Example: Canon, Epson, HP, etc.

Are Jet Master cartridges page yields equal to that of OEM’s?
YES, they are, as a matter of fact some even surpass OEM page yields.

Why do printer manufacturers advise against using compatible ink jet cartridges?
The printer manufacturers make a great deal of money selling consumers new cartridges. Compatible products reduce their revenue.

What is a compatible ink jet cartridge?
A compatible ink jet cartridge is designed to work in a specific printer but is manufactured by a company that is not the manufacturer of the printer. There are available in "ink tank" models. The compatible cartridges we sell are manufactured with inks that are compatible and perform as well as the original manufacturers product. These are an economical alternative to the OEM cartridges that we highly recommend.

Where are Jet Master Cartridges Manufactured?
They are manufactured in Japan, for the highest quality. Our quality control procedures are second to none with over 1,000,000 cartridges produced monthly.

How long does it take for Jet Master to release new products?
There usually is a 4 to 6 month turn around time.

What is the difference between Universal Series and Traditional Series Cartridges?
Universal Series are simply the advancement in ink jet technology, Jet Master has developed a manufacturing process to combine two cartridges into one, making it more convenient for customers. The Traditional Series is simply a compatible ink jet cartridge. The same high quality and standards have been used to manufacture the Universal Series and Traditional Series Cartridges.

How long is the shelf life for a Jet Master Cartridge?
Approximately 2 years.







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