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All of our cartridges are backed by our 100% guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with our cartridges for any reason within 30 days of purchase we will replace it or refund your purchase price, your choice. Within 6 months of your purchase, we will replace our cartridges for any defects in materials or workmanship.

Our quality control procedures include the following:

  • Visual Inspection. We visually inspect every cartridge to ensure there are no cracks or chips, missing clips, pealing of electronic circuitry, or damage to the print head. We also verify there has been no prior non-OEM labeling. We only use virgin cartridges for remanufacturing.
  • Circuit Testing. We electronically test our cartridges to ensure proper functioning of switches and resistors within the nozzle firing mechanism.
  • Internal Cleaning. We use a combination of hot water and steam to internally clean cartridges, including a unique laundering system for our remanufactured sponge core cartridges.
  • Filling Process. We use state of the art filling equipment to meter fill cartridges with the appropriate volume of ink and properly balance cartridges that require balancing. We inspect again for cracks or leaks from the cartridge, as well as proper ink flow from the print head.
  • Cartridge Weight. As a verification of the meter filled cartridges, we weigh every cartridge (1) after the filling process, (2) after the print testing process, and (3) after the external cleaning process to assure a "full fill" for the customer and to prevent defects due to overfilled cartridges.
  • Print Testing. We print test every cartridge to ensure the printing is dark, clear, and that there are no visible blocked nozzles. Our print tests and quality criteria are designed to ensure graphics print quality. As verification of the circuit testing, the OEM printer must properly accept every cartridge.
  • Vacuum Testing. We use a vacuum chamber to vacuum test each cartridge, inspecting for visible leaks from the cartridge, micro leaks or cracks that cannot be identified visually, and proper post-vacuum pressurization of the cartridge. The vacuum chamber is designed to simulate the lower air pressure cartridges will experience when shipped by air.
  • External Cleaning. We clean the outside of all cartridges to ensure there is no ink, dirt or adhesive residue. We visually inspect the cartridges again, and clean any dirt or dust from the print heads, preparing them for taping.
  • Taping. After cartridges are taped, we ensure that there is no dirt sealed under the static tape against the print head, that the tape is securely sealed to the print head, and that there is no ink leaking from under the tape. As an added precaution against leaking and damage to the print head, we securely affix plastic clips to the cartridges.
  • Labeling. We ensure that all labels are straight and clean, that proper labels are used for the cartridge, and that the "remove tape" labels are properly adhering to the tape and cartridge.
  • Bagging. Cartridges are sealed in high quality static shield bags. The bag is sealed with the cartridge print head away from the heat seal, and we make a final inspection to ensure there is no ink leaking in the bag.
  • Quality Verification. We ensure, throughout each step, that the above quality specifications are being followed by sampling and testing our work in process. In addition, we empower every employee with the authority to shut down our production line if any quality problems are observed.
  • Post Testing. Statistically significant samples from each day's production are isolated for post testing. Next day, three day, and thirty day post testing cycles ensure that not only do our cartridges work today, but also they will work tomorrow. In addition, through self-testing, quick response times, and a supplier/production/shipped matrix, we can initiate product recalls based on customer feedback of our cartridge field performance or our own post test





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